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Media Information 

The Mountain Safety Council (MSC) has an active role in educating and informing the public about land-based outdoor safety issues.

We are keen to form mutually beneficial relationships with media.

We can provide expert or technical comment in a number of outdoors areas including:
bushcraft, tramping, camping, alpine, avalanche, firearms, outdoor first aid and risk management.

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Recent Activity

Mike Daisley Radio Sport interview, April/ May, 2016 - Mike Daisley reminds hunters to stick to the basic firearms safety rules this duck season. Listen to the interviews here and here.
Mike Daisley Newstalk ZB interview, December, 2015 - Mike Daisley's interview reminding people the importance of planning for any trip after some recent incidents in the outdoors. Listen to the interview here.
Top 50 places to visit Newstalk ZB interview, December, 2015 - Mike Daisley talks about the MSC's top 50 family outdoor experiences for you to explore this summer.
Listen to the interview here.
PDF-ICON 'Smart solutions, the safe option', Dominion Post Wellington Success tabloid, 22 July 2015 - Interview with Mike Daisley discussing common occurrences people face when in the outdoors as well as some of the future plans for MSC here.
Mike Daisley Newstalk ZB interview, May, 2015 - A phone interview
with Mike Daisley from the NZ Mountain Safety Council reminding people of
the dangers of rivers and to take effective steps to ensure their safety.
Listen to the interviews here and here.
'Know before you go' radio messaging, May, 2015 - The Mountain Safety Council ran the following advertisements across eight radio stations including Newstalk ZB, Radio Sport, ZM, Radio Hauraki and The Hits in the lead up to Queen’s Birthday weekend. Listen here and our second ad here.





Media Releases

PDF-ICON Hatch a plan safely this Easter - Be ready for all conditions, March 2016 
Some interesting weather is coming our way so consider this while planning out your trip for the long weekend.
PDF-ICON Don't be an egg, hunt safely this Easter - Take care of yourself and your mates this roar, March 2016 
A successful trip for any hunter should be to return home safely, apply the 7 basic rules at all times to reduce the risk of an avoidable incident.
PDF-ICON Otago firearms incident a tragic reminder - Refresh your knowledge of the 7 basic rules, March 2016 
The MSC is encouraging hunters of all experience levels to always keep safety at the front of their mind when handling firearms.
PDF-ICON Otago firearms incident a tragic reminder - Refresh your knowledge of the 7 basic rules, March 2016 
The MSC is encouraging hunters of all experience levels to always keep safety at the front of their mind when handling firearms.
PDF-ICON Enjoy the long weekends but stay safe - Being prepared for any trip is vital for your safety,  January 2016
With several long weekends approaching, the MSC urges those who are heading into the outdoors to keep safety front of mind.
PDF-ICON Simple steps for a safe summer outdoors - Always tell someone your plans as part of your trip preparation,  December 2015
We want everyone to head out and enjoy New Zealand's outdoors this summer, and also to return home safely.
PDF-ICON Recent Mt. Aspiring tragedy - Make sure you plan, prepare and know your limits, December 2015
New Zealand’s terrain can present some incredible challenges. It is essential for people to be fully prepared and understand their limits before attempting some of the great trips our country has to offer, particularly in the backcountry.
PDF-ICON Explore the outdoors this summer - Check out our top 50 family outdoor experiences, December, 2015
There is something for everyone in the list of various outdoor activities we have picked for you to explore. We also encourage everyone to make sure they remember to fully prepare for their trip, no matter how short they expect it to be.
PDF-ICON MetService and MSC are encouraging people to stay safe this Labour weekend – Make sure you carefully plan your trip before heading out, October, 2015
For everyone heading out to enjoy the outdoors this long weekend, we again urge people to be prepared for any weather conditions as part of their trip preparation and to stay updated with the latest forecasts.
PDF-ICON Tragic incidents spark MSC call for firearms users to exercise safe behaviour – Know and apply the seven basic rules to prevent avoidable incidents, October, 2015
With two separate firearms incidents occuring this week, the MSC is urging hunters to keep the seven basic firearms safety rules at the front of their minds at all times.
PDF-ICON Opening of the new DOC Visitor Centre in Queenstown – MSC know before you go safety wall, September, 2015
This collaborative project with DOC is an exciting first step towards the promotion of outdoor safety to tourisits and locals who are looking to explore New Zealand.
PDF-ICON NZ Mountain Safety Council - Statement - 7 August 2015
PDF-ICON Be aware of the weather for Queen's birthday weekend – Check the forecast and know your limits, May, 2015
NZ weather can change drastically, so plan and prepare for any weather if you are heading out this weekend.
PDF-ICON Tragic weekend sparks MSC firearms safety message – Apply the 7 basic firearm safety rules to prevent avoidable incidents, May, 2015
Two separate hunting incidents are a tragic reminder of the importance of applying the 7 basic safety rules at all times when handling firearms.
PDF-ICON Be prepared for anything this ANZAC weekend – Pack the right gear for the cold snaps this Autumn, April, 2015
Another long weekend is here and for those heading outdoors, we again urge you to prepare for any situation as the colder weather starts to roll in.
PDF-ICON Keep an eye on the time this Easter – Plan your trip according to the new daylight hours, April, 2015
Daylight saving can change the timing for your trip, make sure you plan ahead so you don't end up walking home in the dark.
PDF-ICON Follow the 7 basic firearms safety rules – Urging a focus on safety after a tragic start to the roar, March, 2015
After the death of a hunter of Stewart Island, MSC again urges hunters to apply basic firearms safety in order to prevent these avoidable incidents.
PDF-ICON Have a safe Waitangi Weekend – Prepare carefully for your outdoor adventures, February, 2015
We hope you make the most of your long weekend by heading outdoors with the family. Please make sure you are well prepared and travel safely, no matter how short your trip might be. It may be mid-summer, but the weather can always be unpredictable.
PDF-ICON Safe start to the New Year – Prevent avoidable injuries in the outdoors, January, 2015
All kinds of people with various outdoor skill levels are heading outside this summer. The Mountain Safety Council encourages you to be aware of your surroundings and prepare for all kinds of terrain to avoid injury and ensure you don’t get lost.
PDF-ICON Safety Week '14 – Encouraging people to prepare for a safe summer, November, 2014
With summer well on its way, the Mountain Safety Council is getting behind ACC's Safety Week. Safety Week runs from 24-30 November with this year focusing on preventing alcohol and sport and recreation related enjuries.
PDF-ICON Be safe this Labour Weekend – Plan ahead and be prepared, October, 2014
Make sure you check the weather and wear appropriate clothes when heading outdoors. Prepare for the unexpected and always tell someone where you are heading. 
PDF-ICON River Safety – Watch out for rising rivers this spring, September, 2014
Outdoor enthusiasts are encouraged to be mindful of changeable weather patterns and take special care around rivers this spring.
PDF-ICON Firearms – MSC warns East Cape spotlighters to follow rules, June, 2014
East Cape spotlighters are warned to follow the rules or risk injury, prosecution or even death.
PDF-ICON Firearms – MSC warns Southland spotlighters to follow rules, June, 2014
Southland spotlighters are warned to follow the rules or risk injury, prosecution or even death.
PDF-ICON Avalanche – New Zealand's avalanche experts already at work, May, 2014
The first major snow fall of winter has given the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council's Avalanche Forecasters plenty of work to do as they get ready for the fast approaching season.
PDF-ICON River Safety – Don't underestimate the dangers associated with rivers, May, 2014
The recent tragic tramping incident on the Milford Track in Fiordland highlights the need for all trampers to take extreme care when encountering rivers.
PDF-ICON Firearms – Duck hunters urged to check their firing zone, April, 2014
Duck shooting season opens on Saturday May 3, and hunters are urged to check their firing zones before they begin shooting.
PDF-ICON Firearms – Hunters told 'No Meat is Better than No Mate' this roar, March, 2014
The Mountain Safety Council urges all hunters to think twice before pulling the trigger
this roar.


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