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2. Tell someone your plans

Safety is your responsibility. Tell someone your plans. It may save your life.


Most trips into the outdoors don't requre a rescue or intervention. If you've left an intentions form and do end up in a situation where that is required emergency services will have a much better idea of how to help. The more detail you add to the information you leave at home the better. Follow the New Zealand Outdoors Intentions process and ensure that all the details of your trip are recorded and given to your trusted contact.

If the unexpected happens there should be measures in place to recognise there is a problem, alert the appropriate authorities and if necessary, enable rescuers to find you quickly.

The New Zealand Outdoors Intentions process (endorsed by New Zealand's search and rescue agencies) provides 3 simple options which enable you to 'tell someone' all the details about your land-based trip into the outdoors.

print intentions form   email intentions form   online intentions button 

* Please note the Outdoors Intentions process has been updated since this film was made.

Visit http://www.adventuresmart.org.nz/ for full details

The Outdoors Intentions Process:
• 3 options to complete your Outdoors Intentions.
• Helps clarify your trip details.
• Lets your Trusted Contact know what date and time you are due back and how to raise the alert if you don't return. 
• Assists search and rescue teams to trace your route and hopefully find you or work out where you might have struck trouble more quickly.

For more information and to complete the Outdoors Intentions process plus other advice and tips to keep you safe, visit the AdventureSmart website >>


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