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Tramping / Walking

Tramping/walking is the most popular of all the land based outdoor recreation activities in New Zealand, and for good reason. New Zealand is blessed with an incredible array of different tracks ranging from a few hours to a few weeks. Read more

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The New Zealand outdoors offers fantastic hunting opportunities. Anyone who intends to go hunting with a firearm must know and follow the Arms Code and the Seven Basic Rules of firearms safety. Read more

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Snow / Alpine

The mountains of New Zealand offer virtually endless opportunities for the adventurous mountaineer or backcountry skier / snowboarders. The alpine environment in New Zealand has many risks that are essential to understand and mitigate. Explore the activities below so and know before you snow. Read more

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Mountain Biking

New Zealand offers some fantastic backcountry mountain bike trails which can take you to remote and breathtaking parts of the country. This activity is increasing in popularity across the globe, with all kinds of tracks and trails being built each year.Some of the key things to consider when taking your... Read more

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Trail Running

Trail running is not only a great way to see New Zealand’s outdoors, it is an enjoyable activity that demands physical performance, mental agility, fortitude and perseverance. It is also a pursuit that frequently exposes runners to risk. Read more