The New Zealand outdoors offers fantastic hunting opportunities. Anyone who intends to go hunting with a firearm must know and follow the Arms Code and the Seven Basic Rules of firearms safety. 

Did you know?

Over 195,000 hunters recreate in New Zealand each year.
A Hunter's Tale, 2017


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If you're a hunter who is keen on safe practices in the hunting community, then this is the page for you.


Big game hunters - BGH

Big Game

More hunters take part in big game hunting than any other form of hunting, so it’s not surprising that they have the largest number of incidents. With respect to the ‘Roar,’ hunting behaviour appears to change and the rate of injury, search and rescue and fatality increases. Read more

Duck hunters at dawn - HC

Game Bird

Watch our 2020 Duck Season Video Read more

Alpine hunters - HC


Alpine environments are steep and exposed by their very nature. When a hunter loses their footing in this environment the consequences are typically worse than in other hunting environments. Alpine hunting fatalities are typically the result of falling which is perhaps of little surprise given the steep terrain. Read more

Pig hunters - HC


Pig hunters appear to have a very good safety record right up until a pig has been ‘bailed’ or caught by their dogs. Nearly all pig hunting fatalities occurred as a result of a hunter trying to reach their dogs. Read more

Small game hunter tussock - Richard W

Small Game

Small game hunting has always been an accessible hunting type and is often where many hunters start to learn basic hunting skills. Because of its relative accessibility, this type of hunting tends to attract large numbers of hunters, particularity those starting out or those who are restricted by mobility or accessibility. Read more

Night shooting Hunters Club NZ 2017


A large number of hunting fatalities have occurred in the dark. There has also been an increased number of ‘misidentification’ incidents occurring outside of daylight hours. The hunting environment at night and the increased risks that low visibility brings, are vastly different when compared to what hunters encounter during a... Read more

Bow hunter alpine - Hunters Club


Bowhunters are those who choose to hunt any type of game with a bow. Although bows are not considered to be firearms, this does not mean they are not dangerous. Bows need to be treated with the same respect and diligence as any other piece of equipment designed to kill... Read more