Trail Running

Trail running is not only a great way to see New Zealand’s outdoors, it is an enjoyable activity that demands physical performance, mental agility, fortitude and perseverance. It is also a pursuit that frequently exposes runners to risk. While the risks are inherent in trail running, they can easily be reduced through careful planning and good decision making. 

Learn how to pack for a trail run by watching the video below:

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Did you know?

There are over 79,660 Kiwis who trail run in the NZ backcountry each year.
– There and Back, 2016  

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What are the risks?

There and Back

For the first time, the outdoor recreation sector has a comprehensive picture of what’s been going on in the New Zealand outdoors from an outdoor safety perspective, across 5 major outdoor recreation activities. This publication combines all injury, search and rescue and fatality data together to present a comprehensive ‘state of the nation’ style detailed breakdown. 

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170927.MSC.COM.Resources web thereandback

Search and rescues are 4x higher on Easter and Queens Birthday weekends. 
– There and Back, 2016
69% of trail runners involved in search and rescues were overdue or lost
– There and Back, 2016

 Explore the proportions of rescued Trail Runners below.


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