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Collecting data and developing insights is a fundamental part of our organisation, as we aim to prevent incidents in outdoor recreation in New Zealand. Since 2015 we have been working with our partners and developing insights through incident data and uncovering never before seen information in the outdoor safety sector.

MSC’s principle of bringing together the various data sets to gain insights for improving safety in the outdoors is a sound one.
– Kirsten Malpas, Senior Injury Prevention Specialist for ACC 
Please explore our currently released publications which are freely available here on our website.

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Read > 'A Walk in the Park?, a deep dive into tramping incidents in New Zealand'

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Our process

An important part of our insights research process is further developing strong relationships in the outdoor recreation sector of New Zealand. We believe with a comprehensive partner-driven base of knowledge, New Zealand's outdoor-based messaging is able to be more unified for the public as a common voice.

MSC insights process

What we do with the information?

To help make a safer future for outdoor recreation participants, we encourage the inclusion, processing and sharing of this information as a means of influencing existing and future processes in outdoor incident prevention.

  • We launched each publication with a national workshop with relevant members in order to distill the information further. We have also made this information freely available online for people to share with their relevant channels.
  • We have begun to integrate these insights in our messaging and used the information to help us target those in need at the right time.

Issue Specific Advisory Function

What you can do with our publications?

  • Contact us for further information regarding our findings 
  • Find where they have been used in the media 
  • Embed or share them with your networks 
  • Stay connected with the MSC as we explore and develop new insights