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Safety Tips - Plan your Trip


So, you're about to head out into the outdoors. Great! There are heaps of exciting adventures ahead, but are you ready for any situation?

Ensuring that you appropriately prepare for your excursion is essential for both your safety, and your enjoyment.Below are some tips and questions for the quick run down, however if you're embarking on overnight trips we recommend that you also check out training courses in your area.


Plan your trip 

Ask yourself:

Gaining permission

Consent from the land owner is imperative. Going onto land without the consent of the owner can expose you to legal problems. Contacting the land owner can key you into things like poison drops, commercial operations or track/hut/bridge repairs or removal. 
check out  New Zealand Walking Access Commission's online public access mapping system here

Having gained consent from the land owner, you now have to gain access to the route. It may require obtaining a key and will definitely involve transport to the start and from the end of your trip.


You can download or order our free "Going Bush?" pamphlet from our online store.

Outdoor Safety Code - Part 1: Plan your trip

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