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Plan Your Trip

Tell Someone Your Plans

Be Aware Of The Weather

Know Your Limits

Take Sufficient Supplies

Safety Tips – Survival Essentials 

Survival Essentials recommended for trampers in NZ

  • Emergency shelter
  • Fire-lighting equipment (matches or lighter and a fire-lighting aid)
  • Whistle (available in store)
  • Cord or string
  • Fish hooks and line
  • Sharp knife
  • Bandage and plasters
  • Plastic bags
  • Aluminium foil
  • Pencil and paper

Plan for Emergencies

When things go wrong, use the STAR Model for making Decisions:

  • STOP: Take a breath, sit down and remain calm
  • THINK: Look around you, listen, brainstorm ideas
  • ASSESS: Evaluate the options and their potential consequences
  • RESPOND: Take the best alternative.

REMEMBER: Water, shelter, warmth and the will to survive are the essential elements to your survival.

If in doubt - stay put. Your trip planning will help you deal with the situation and your Intentions Form will initiate help if you are over due.

The MSC orange Survival Bag has survival hints printed on it; carry one of these with you.

The MSC has courses on bushcraft and survival skills. See our training page for more details.  

Essential Skills MSC recommends you have:

Route Finding

All outdoor users should carry and be able to use a map and compass. Location awareness skills are also important; know where you are and where you have travelled, be observant, and remember natural features. MSC’s Bushcraft Manual can help you learn navigational skills. Navigation courses are run by Mountain Safety branches and outdoor clubs, and provide practical instruction in the field.

Despite your best efforts you may still get lost or disoriented so you need to know how to cope with a survival situation.



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