Outdoor Safety Code

The first thing to remember is that every trip needs a plan, even a short day walk. It doesn't take much to turn a short walk into an 'unexpected night out' in the bush. If you've planned before you hit the track using the outdoor safety code as a guide, there's a good chance you'll be prepared to handle an unexpected turn of events. 

We've broken down the trip planning process into five key steps which make up the Outdoor Safety Code. This code applies to all outdoor activities regardless of the level of intensity. Each of these steps can help you to be prepared for what you might encounter in the outdoors. Following the code also helps emergency services find you if something does goes wrong.

Safety is the outcome of good planning and good decision making
– Mike Daisley, CEO


OSC - Plan your Trip

Plan Your Trip

Whether it is a bushwalk, a multi-day tramp or a specialised outdoor activity, the planning of an outdoor excursion in New Zealand’s backcountry is essential for you to have a great time and also to make it home.  Read more

Exploring Fiordland Fog - Yap Zhi

Tell Someone Your Plans

Tell someone your plans and leave a date for when to raise the alarm if you haven’t returned. Read more

OSC - Be Aware of the weather

Be Aware Of The Weather

New Zealand’s weather can be highly changeable. Check the forecast and expect weather changes. Read more

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Know Your Limits

Challenge yourself within your physical limits and experience. Read more

msc NW supplies packs hut 17 hero

Take Sufficient Supplies

Make sure you have enough food, equipment and emergency rations for the worst-case scenario. Take an appropriate means of communication. Read more