About Us

Safer Places, Safer Activities, Safer People 

We are a national organisation who has been working for more than 50 years with a mandate to encourage safe participation in land-based outdoor activities. We do this through the development and promotion of safety messaging, by identifying and responding to insights provided by the ongoing collection and analysis of data, and by building partnerships with relevant organisations. 

The ability to critically analyse a situation and make an informed decision is part of heading outdoors. It’s also what makes it an adventure — in that you never quite know what you’ll find. At MSC we promote “knowing your limits," only you know the level of risk that is appropriate to the situational factors, your experience and your equipment. – Mike Daisley, CEO

Our vision

Safer places, safer activities, safer people.

Our mission

Enabling people to enjoy their outdoors recreation safely.

Our values
    • Professionalism: We will collaborate with the rest of the outdoor sector and share what we know.
    • Integrity: We will be open and honest in everything we do.
    • Trust: We will be the organisation people look to for how to get prepared and stay safe outdoors 


MSC Organisational Platforms - 2017
How we get it done
    • We have a council of 27 Member Organisations who we collaborate with
    • We have a board from various backgrounds and you can meet them here
    • To accomplish our mission we have a team that is made of Partnership Advisors, a Communications Team and General Admin who work collaboratively with partner organisations.
Have a great time out there and make it home

We come from all walks of life but have one common interest, to explore the outdoors and help others do so safely.

For all you outdoor enthusiasts, whether you walk, run, bike, climb or hunt – we wish you all the best out there in New Zealand's wild backcountry and encourage you to use our resources before you go, have a great time and make it home.



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History of MSC

We have been enabling outdoor safety in New Zealand for over 50 years.  Read more

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MSC Board Members

Geoff Ensor | Board Chairperson Read more

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MSC Member Organisations

The New Zealand Mountain Safety Council consists of a group of Member Organisations who all have a vested interest in safety in the outdoors. These Council Members form the organisation's Governance structure, providing strategic direction. Read more

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A huge thanks to all of our funders who make our efforts possible!  Read more