Here you can explore our growing collection of research and insights publications, delve into our localised prevention initiatives developed through our Issue Specific Advisory Function, and join our outdoor recreation research panel Adventure Voice.

Jo Stilwell | Tramping winter

Adventure Voice™

Outdoor Research Community   Join New Zealand’s dedicated outdoor research community and help shape the future of our outdoor safety. Read more

Southern Lakes Marli Wingens

Local Prevention Initiatives

The New Zealand Mountain Safety Council (MSC) works closely with council member organisations and partners to access a wide range of data about participation and incidents in the outdoors. Read more

Alpine Route Richmond Ranges | Jared Gray

Research & Insights

Below you will find our growing collection of MSC research and insights publications. Each page covers a specific research or insights project, with the newest at the bottom.    Research and insights provide us with the evidence we need to focus our prevention effort where it is most needed. Read more