Tramping Video Series

Our Tramping Video Series that takes you through a range of popular walks across New Zealand to help you prepare. This includes the Tongariro Crossing, DOC Great Walks and more. 

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MSC x Macpac How-to Series

This series developed with Macpac takes you through basic outdoor skills and essential gear care guides to help you stay safe outdoors.

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Get Outdoors Series

The Get Outdoors Series is a 29 part 'how-to' series that is aimed at helping beginners learn about correctly preparing for trips into the outdoors.

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Alpine Snow Skills Series

The Alpine Snow Skills Series where we will take you through the basic alpine skills for snow slopes and winter terrain. This series is aimed to introduce participants to basic skills and we encourage you to further your education to keep yourself safe in the outdoors.

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Hunting Videos

We have a selection of Hunting videos that identify key risks to different hunting types in New Zealand and how to stay safe when handling firearms.

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Avalanche Awareness Series

The Avalanche Awareness Series encourages the sharing of avalanche experiences and introduces backcountry participants to avalanche awareness from trip planning to rescue techniques.

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