Research & Insights

Below you will find our growing collection of MSC research and insights publications. Each page covers a specific research or insights project, with the newest at the bottom.   

Research and insights provide us with the evidence we need to focus our prevention effort where it is most needed. We access a wide range of data relating to participation and incidents in the outdoors, and through careful analysis we develop these varied data sources into insights.

These insights shape our key safety messages and safety campaigns, our understanding of target audiences, and our targeted prevention initiatives.

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There and Back

An exploration of outdoor recreation incidents in New ZealandPublished July 2016  For the first time, the outdoor recreation sector has a comprehensive picture of what’s been going on in the New Zealand outdoors from an outdoor safety perspective, across 5 major outdoor recreation activities. Read more

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A Hunter's Tale

A deep dive into hunting incidents in New ZealandPublished March 2017A Hunter's Tale represents the most comprehensive exploration of hunting participation and incidents in New Zealand. Read more

Tramping on Ridgeline | Nathan Watson

A Walk in the Park?

A deep dive into tramping incidents in New Zealand Published July 2018A Walk in the Park? is the third insights publication to be released following 'There and Back, 2016' and 'A Hunter’s Tale, 2017'. We now dive into incidents tramping incidents in New Zealand. Read more

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Scaling Success

During 2017/2018 the NZ Mountain Safety Council (MSC) developed a series of track-specific tramping videos.  The purpose of the video series was to provide a specific planning resource that could be used in the ‘active trip-planning’ phase of trip preparations. Read more

People planning with Plan My Walk at home, Caleb Smith

How a NZ tramp is planned

An in-depth study of behaviours of trip planningPublished October 2021We partnered with Research NZ and the Department of Conservation to conduct an in-depth research project. The research was conducted online and targeted trampers who had booked/stayed at a DOC tramping facility between 1 November 2019 and 31 January 2020. Read more

Public observation submitted by Nick Shearer | August 2019 | The Towers Treble Cone Backcountry

Avalanche Incidents in NZ

An in-depth look at 20 years of avalanche incident dataPublished June 2021Recently we conducted an in-depth analysis of 20 years worth of reported avalanche incident data. This story presents some of those key findings. Read more

Silberhorn Grand Plateau, Tasman Glacier | Gavin Lang

Above and Beyond Mountaineering Research

An exploration of the culture, behaviours and attitudes of the NZ mountaineering community towards avalanche safety.    Published February 2023  The New Zealand mountaineering community is one full of rich history and deep passion. Mountaineering is interwoven into the fabric of our country’s history. Read more