Alpine Ridgeline

Alpine Safety

Many of New Zealand's National Parks and the tracks and huts within them can take participants into alpine areas. Read more

Avalanche spark - Stock

Avalanche Safety

Backcountry avalanche terrain is neither patrolled nor controlled by professionals, so if you’re planning on going ‘out back’ or beyond the ski area boundary, it’s important to be well trained in avalanche safety and rescue techniques at all times of the year. Read more

Camping site with Jo Stilwell


Camping is an excellent way to have fun and enjoy New Zealand's outdoors. A combination of solid planning and the right equipment you can bring the comfort of home to the outdoors. Read more



Having the right communication device can be a lifesaver in an emergency. Your mobile phone may not be enough with New Zealand’s sometimes spotty coverage in the outdoors, even on some short tracks. Read more

Hunter cooking at night - Hunters Club

Cooking and Fires

People who cook in the outdoors of New Zealand are up for a whole other level of el-fresco dining experience - whether it be on a mountain top, on a camping trip or in a backcountry hut. Read more

Survival Bag

Emergencies and Survival

Emergency situations can happen at any time in the outdoors.  The New Zealand Police, Rescue Coordination Centre and Land Search and Rescue (SAR) provide free emergency assistance in the outdoors. It's important to understand when their services are required, and how to reach them. Read more

Kea on the rocks - Nathan W

Environmental Care

New Zealanders take a lot of pride in their wild places and we try to keep them as clean and tidy as possible, you can help with that too. Read more

Aiming a firearm - BGH

Firearms Safety

Safety is our collective responsibility.  It is up to every participant to ensure the future for firearms users in New Zealand. We do this by following the arms code and keeping yourself and everyone else safe while using firearms. Read more

msc resource firstaid 12 2

First Aid

Anything can happen in the outdoors.  Make sure you know before you go. There might not be help at hand when you need it. The terrain, weather conditions or a person's personal health can all come into play and require immediate medical attention. Read more

Hump Ridge Track | Young Adventuress

Mental Shortcuts

Heuristics play a critical role in our lives every day, providing mental shortcuts that help our brains make decisions faster and more efficiently. Read more

tramp map compass header


Learning basic navigation will help keep you safe when venturing into the great outdoors. Read more

Neil Forks

River Safety

Rivers are a significant hazard in the New Zealand outdoors, and you'll come across one on most tramping trips. Rivers are affected by the weather and snow melt, and can rise and fall very quickly. Read more

Supplies packs


Make sure you have enough food, equipment and emergency rations for the worst-case scenario. If you ask any New Zealand adventurer they’ll tell you what should be in your pack, here’s a simple list of things we recommend you take. Read more

Bevan and Marli Tramping tips

Tramping Skills

By doing a few simple things before and during your trip, you can travel smoothly and safely through New Zealand's outdoors! Explore this section to learn some tips to perfect your tramping skills. Read more

Fram the ad roaring stag

Trip Planning

Planning your trip and considering where you're going, the track conditions and skill level of your group increases the chances of staying safe while in the outdoors. Read more

Mountain landscape - Nathan W


New Zealand’s changeable weather conditions frequently catch out the unprepared. With careful planning and smart decision making in the outdoors, you can be ready for all possible weather. Read more