Plan My Walk

Choose from over 1,600 tracks across New Zealand.

Whether you’re looking for a short walk, a day trip or an overnight adventure, Plan My Walk gives you everything you need to plan safe and successful outdoor adventures.

Head to the Plan My Walk website

Plan My Walk makes it easy for you to find suitable tracks by searching the track name, using the map function, or by applying filters. Once you’ve chosen a track, you’ll see all the information you need, such as:

  • Track alerts
  • Weather forecast
  • Interactive gear lists
  • Weather warnings
  • Real user reviews
  • Photos from Plan My Walk's outdoor community

Plan My Walk is free to use and was made by trampers for trampers. Take the guesswork out of planning your next adventure by downloading the Plan My Walk app or heading to the website.

How to plan a trip on Plan My Walk

  1. Find a track: If you're not looking for a specific track, you can search using the filters or the map view. You can find tracks based on their location, difficulty, duration, distance, dog-friendly status, and much more using the search filters. You can also build your own custom track if what you're looking for isn't already on the database.
  2. Check for track alerts. This is essential information that can change, such as if a track has been closed or weather warnings are issued.
  3. Learn about the essential track information, including how to get there and what to expect on the track.
  4. Read real track reviews from other users with photos and difficulty ratings from Plan My Walk’s outdoor community.
  5. Check the track-specific weather forecasts and warnings provided in partnership with MetService, NZ’s official public weather forecast provider.
  6. Create trip gear lists from scratch, or start with one of our suggested gear lists and customise it. You can save your custom gear lists to your profile for future use.
  7. Complete the simple trip plan and share it with your trusted emergency contact.

Plus, watch helpful 3D track videos exclusive to Plan My Walk, and our award-winning tramping videos on a selection of New Zealand’s most popular tramps and hikes.

New features released November 2023

Custom Tracks 

The custom track builder allows users to simply and effectively create their own custom track, and still get all the benefits of Plan My Walk, such as track alerts, weather warnings and forecasts, gear lists and more. Users can drop pins on a map to create their own walking track anywhere in New Zealand. 

Custom Tracks are perfect for: 

  • Off-track adventures  
  • Grouping multiple existing tracks together for your own personalised trip 
  • Sharing remote or off-track trip plans with a trusted emergency contact 

Custom Gear Plan My Walk

Custom Gear Lists

Users can create, name and customise their own gear lists to suit their adventure needs.

Custom Gear Lists are perfect for:

  • Creating specific lists for different types of adventures
  • Adding notes on items to help plan and pack
  • Making the process of packing easier and faster
  • Sharing the gear list with a trusted emergency contact

Questions about Plan My Walk? Visit the FAQ page, or contact us at