The New Zealand outdoors offers fantastic hunting opportunities. Anyone who intends to go hunting with a firearm must know and follow the Arms Code and the Seven Basic Rules of firearms safety. 

Did you know?

Over 195,000 hunters recreate in New Zealand each year.
A Hunter's Tale, 2017
Big game hunters - BGH

Big Game

Big game hunters are those who are hunting for medium to large game animals. This includes all deer species, goats, wallaby and opportune wild pigs. This hunter type makes up the largest number of hunters in New Zealand and includes those that regard themselves as deerstalkers or bush hunters. Read more

Duck hunters at dawn - HC

Game Bird

Game bird hunters are those who hunt for any species of New Zealand game bird. This includes upland game birds (pheasant, quail and chuckor), turkey, peacock, geese (canadian and grey), pukeko, black swan and all waterfowl species which are legal to hunt during open season (mallard, grey, paradise and shoveller ducks). Read more

Alpine hunters - HC


Alpine hunters intend to hunt above the bush-line in an alpine environment in search of species that are known to live there. This includes tahr and chamois as well as some deer species in certain locations or certain times of the year. Read more

Pig hunters - HC


Pig hunters are defined as those who enter the outdoors with the intention to hunt wild pigs with the use of trained hunting dogs. This is a style of pig hunting widely utilised in New Zealand. Read more

Small game hunter tussock - Richard W

Small Game

Small game hunters primarily target rabbits and hares during daylight hours. They often use smaller calibres, shotguns or air rifles. Small game hunters typically hunt in open country or farmland. They occasionally use some kind of vehicle to move around.  Read more

Hunters camping at night - HC


Night hunters are those who pursue any game animal after dark and before dawn. They do so with the aid of moonlight, a spotlight, torch or any other piece of equipment that allows the hunter to see game in the dark.  Read more

Bow hunter alpine - Hunters Club


Bowhunters are those who choose to hunt any type of game with a bow. Although bows are not considered to be firearms, this does not mean they are not dangerous. Bows need to be treated with the same respect and diligence as any other piece of equipment designed to kill... Read more