Day walker - Bevan S

Day Walking

Day Walks are a fantastic way to explore New Zealand's outdoors within a few hours. They are perfect for beginners and young families to feel a sense of adventure within a short time. Read more

Tararua Ranges

Multiday Tramping

Exploring the wilderness of New Zealand on foot is immensely rewarding and is something that three-quarters of a million people do each year.  However, it comes with some unique challenges. Read more

Mountain Bikers on the Old Ghost Road, Nathan Watson

Mountain Biking

New Zealand offers some fantastic backcountry mountain bike trails which can take you to remote and breathtaking parts of the country. This activity is increasing in popularity across the globe, with all kinds of tracks and trails being built each year. Read more

Trail Runners - Yap Zhi

Trail Running

Trail running is not only a great way to see New Zealand’s outdoors, it is an enjoyable activity that demands physical performance, mental agility, fortitude and perseverance. It is also a pursuit that frequently exposes runners to risk. Read more

Cam Forlong Roar Hunting

Big Game Hunting

New Zealand Roar Hunting | How to stay safe this season Here you can learn more about the common risks in the outdoors while hunting big game and how to best prepare for them. Read more

Duck hunters at dawn - HC

Game Bird Hunting

Game bird hunting in New Zealand is a long-loved tradition for many hunters. It involves the pursuit of waterfowl and upland game birds during set seasons of the year. One particular event is the annual duck hunting season, in which hunters call in and shoot ducks from hides (maimais). Read more

Alpine hunters - HC

Alpine Hunting

Alpine hunts are very rewarding trips that require extra planning and preparation. Alpine environments are steep and exposed by their very nature, route finding can be critical.  Additionally, weather can turn quickly and your ability to shelter can be minimised by terrain. Read more

Pig hunters - HC

Pig Hunting

Pig hunting is a very popular activity around the country, most of us love a nice roast poaka. But a big part of the draw is the excitement of the hunt. Pig hunting will test your scouting, your fitness, your dogs and finally your rifle and knife skills. Read more

Small game hunter tussock - Richard W

Small Game Hunting

Small game hunting has always been an accessible hunting type and is often where many hunters start to learn basic hunting skills. Read more

Night shooting Hunters Club NZ 2017

Night Hunting

A large number of hunting fatalities have occurred in the dark. There has also been an increased number of ‘misidentification’ incidents occurring outside of daylight hours. Read more

Bow hunter alpine - Hunters Club

Bow Hunting

Bowhunters are those who choose to hunt any type of game with a bow. Although bows are not considered to be firearms, this does not mean they are not dangerous. Read more

Mountaineer and peak - Yap Zhi


Mountaineering is an activity that requires extensive planning, constant focus, extended periods of high effort, and generally pushes those climbing towards their mental and physical limits. These attributes are what makes mountaineering so challenging and potentially dangerous, but are also the reasons it can be so rewarding. Read more

Backcountry Skier going up, Loic Lassueur

Backcountry Snowsports

Backcountry skiing and splitboarding is an exhilarating way to enjoy the beauty of the New Zealand winter.  But before you head out into the hills, you've got to be prepared. Read more