Outdoor Stories

Have a hmmm... stories from the outdoors with ACC New Zealand.

We've partnered with ACC New Zealand to share real stories from Aotearoa's outdoor community. We hope these stories encourage you to take a moment before your next adventure, 'have a hmm' and think about how others might be affected if you get injured.

ACC Tramping

Have a hmmm on your next tramp

Each summer thousands of hikers and walkers enjoy the country’s diverse tracks on offer. Unfortunately, injuries happen, and when we get hurt it affects our family, friends, workmates and many others around us too.   The good news is that nearly all of these tramping-related injuries are preventable. Read more

Roar Hunters at Camp | Cam Forlong

Have a hmmm on your next hunt

Thousands of hunters gear up for the annual Roar hunting season. While most hunters typically have a safe and successful Roar season, unfortunately every year some hunters are injured or require search and rescue assistance. Read more