Mountain Cameras

Remote mountain cameras provide a useful source of information about past and current weather conditions. This information can be used to support trip planning and preparation, or simply as an easy way to see what's happening in the hills when you're not able to be there! 

On this page, we are collating remote mountain camera feeds from around New Zealand. If you know of a camera you think we should include here, please get in touch with us. 

Please note these links and camera images are provided for informational purposes only. MSC can not validate their accuracy, and they may be unavailable at any time.  

Angelus Basin, Nelson Lakes National Park 

This camera is owned and operated by MSC, our first of what we hope will be a wider network. This camera was installed in April 2023 specifically to provide additional data for the development of avalanche forecasts. In addition to this, the camera is a great resource for people tramping along the popular Robert Ridge Route to Angelus Hut. 

MSC would like to thank DOC and Ngāti Apa ki te Rā Tō for their support. 

The images shown below are from two cameras, one facing southwest and the other northeast. The images are the most recent available. To view previous images and see all the camera and gallery functions available, click the button below:

 Full camera functions

Please note as this camera is in a remote mountain environment there may be times it is unavailable or image uploads are inconsistent. MSC is not responsible for any outcomes based on decisions made/actions taken as a result of using this.

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Watch this video to learn more about why and how we installed this remote camera.



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