Tramping Skills

By doing a few simple things before and during your trip, you can travel smoothly and safely through New Zealand's outdoors! Explore this section to learn some tips to perfect your tramping skills.

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Tramping Skills

Watch how to travel safely as a group

Before Your Trip

  • Train your body | Being physically fit for the challenge ahead will help you last the distance.
  • Plan your route effectively | Talk to your group members, locals, experts and carefully choose a trip that suits your skills. You can find out more about how to choose a track on our Trip Planning Section of our website. Excellent sources for local track information are DOC Visitor Centres and I-sites. Free online topographical maps that are able to be saved and printed can be found at
  • Pack smart | As a group, check over all of your gear. Make sure it is all working correctly and everyone has what they need. Then consider how it is packed on your body for the perfect fit. Watch and Learn how to Pack for a Tramp here.
  • Leave early | Give yourself enough time to drive to your destination and accomplish your goals for the day!

While You Are Out

  • Manage your temperature | Dress with layers and use these to maintain a stable temperature. Watch How to Dress for the Outdoors here.
  • Stick together | This way you’re able to support each other if decisions need to be made, or if the situation changes. Never leave slower or tired group members behind, stick with them and make it there together. Watch How to Travel as Group
  • Maintain location awareness and rests | Along your trip, take breaks to check where you have been and what lies ahead. Checking in is a great chance to regroup and consider options for the rest of the day.
  • Walk with style | Aim to finish your day at the same speed as you began. This is down to foot placement, walking style and rhythm.

Learn more about these tips in our NZ Bushcraft Manual. 

What to Do Next

Continue your preparation with our online resources, there is still plenty to learn to ensure for a safe and enjoyable trip!

Explore Our Resources

  • Plan My Walk app | Use our free planning tool to choose tracks, get alerts, build a gear list and share your plan with others before you go.
  • Get the skills | in Planning, River Safety and more essentials in our Skills Section
  • Read our manuals | Access the NZ Bushcraft Manual and other digitised resources here
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