A good plan, a good Labour weekend

22nd October 2020|2min

A recent increase in Kiwis’ interest for the outdoors has the NZ Mountain Safety Council (MSC) encouraging a well-planned Labour weekend as summer tramping and outdoor exploring kickstarts.

MSC is predicting a high number of Kiwis will hit the outdoors this long weekend, and with a variable weather forecast for most of the country it is urging good preparation and flexibility in your plans. 

MSC Chief Executive Mike Daisley said Labour weekend was not only the traditional start of summer tramping season but also a great opportunity to use the time to prepare for summer adventures ahead. 

“If you are planning to get out and explore, it is a really good idea to take some time to prepare yourself using some of our free online resources,” he said. 

“If you’re new to tramping and getting in our country’s outdoors, it’s good to ease into it, start small, and ask for advice,” Daisley said.  

MSC recommend using Labour weekend as an opportunity to check your clothing and equipment ahead of what will likely be a busy summer as many Kiwis are eager to explore New Zealand.  

With international travel off the cards and numerous marketing campaigns encouraging Kiwis to get out and explore their own backyard, MSC predicts a lot of new users taking to the hills this summer.  

“We are already seeing signs it could be a very busy summer across much of our country’s awesome outdoor locations,” Daisley said.  

“Demand for bookable facilities is high, there’s a lot of promotion encouraging people to get out, and we have certainly noticed an increase on social media of people looking for recommendations and advice,” Daisley said.

“It’s fantastic to see such an interest and hopefully this will lead to life-long participation in outdoor recreation, but as we see this surge in interest we are also encouraging those users to think about their personal safety and take a few simple steps to ensuring they have a great, safe experience, and make it home,” he said.

MetService have forecast a mixed bag of weather across the country for the long weekend and along with MSC are encouraging people to check the weather forecast right up until they depart.

“Saturday is the day to get out and about for the South Island as deteriorating conditions are expected on Sunday as a frontal system starts to work its way up the country,” MetService Meterologist Lewis Ferris said.

Rain and strong northwesterly winds will dominate the west and south of the South Island for the better part of the weekend, he said.

“The North Island is looking a little less clean cut. There’s a lot of lingering moisture around the majority of the island, this could mean low cloud or fog in the morning.”

Western places may see cloud and light rain for a good portion of the weekend while temperatures are on the warmer side of average and most places will be feeling the high humidity air, he said. 

  • To kickstart your weekend planning, head to the Learn section of our website an explore resources for your favourite outdoor activity. 
  • Check the MetService website for up-to-date weather conditions ahead of your trip.