New Issue Specific Advisory Report for Angelus Hut and Tracks

4th October 2021|2min

Angelus Hut is perched high on the Travers Range between Lakes Rotoiti and Rotoroa in Nelson Lakes National Park. We identified access to Angelus Hut, most notably via Robert Ridge, as a hotspot for tramping incidents in New Zealand.

As a result, the NZ Mountain Safety Council (MSC), Department of Conservation (DOC) and NZ Police formed an Issue Specific Advisory Group to develop and propose a number of prevention solutions which will improve the safety of trampers heading to Angelus Hut. We generated a report that contains the proposed solutions which the Advisory Group has suggested, after working through a facilitated design-thinking process.

Following a review of the provisional report, MSC and DOC met to discuss each of the proposed solutions in detail and agree on the next steps towards implementation. The agreed actions for each of the proposed solutions are provided as a summary at the the report found below.

Advisory Group Report