On the track: Tramping Video Series Two Filming

16th December 2020|5min

We're out this summer filming series two of the Tramping Video Series. Here we will be updating everyone on our trips and progress as a lead up to the release in 2021.

See what we have achieved so far in the project, thanks to everyone involved in the planning, participation and sharing of this series. you can catch the Series One on our Youtube channel here. Disclaimer: All of our filming and use of drones was permitted by the Department of Conservation. The use of drones in National Parks is prohibited without DOC's permission, please see their website for details. 

Update 29 Nov: The videos are here!

Trip 7: Gillespie Pass Circuit, Mt Aspiring | 15th March 2021
We may have saved the best for last! Last week Tom, Jared, Scott, Sam and Bevan enjoyed a magnificent week in Mt Aspiring National Park. Torrential rain on day one made for an excellent example of when not to cross the mighty Makaroa River, and filming showed that! But fortunately by day two the weather had cleared and after a short Jetboat ride to the Young Valley, the team was on their way. Highlights of the trip were the amazing forest track sections in the Young Valley (with a few neat surprises!), a picture perfect day over the pass with a Rock Wren sighting, dipping our feet in the frigid Crucible Lake and enjoying a flight home through the Wilkin Valley as the fog cleared on the final day. This is one amazing track, but respect those river crossings!
Gillespie Pass Circuit
Trip 6: Rees-Dart Track, Mt Aspiring | 8th March 2021
There was a chill of autumn in the air on the Rees-Dart track when Adam, Anara, Anne, Tom and Jared set off in the second week of March. However, this made for amazing tramping weather and some stunning sights of snow-dusted mountains and glaciers along the way! This track saw significant damage in the storm that took out the Routeburn and Milford a while back, but it is back in action again. Highlights included the great facilities and scenic locations of both Shelter Rock and Dart Huts, The awesome views on the day over Rees Saddle, and the other-worldly views of the newly formed lake near Sandy Bluff.
Rees Dart
Trip 5: Mt Somers, Canterbury | 15th February 2021
Last week the MSC team explored a Canterbury favourite, Mt Somers! Ros, Marli and Beckie (all MSC office staff) joined Tom and Jared to capture a classic NZ tramp, the Mt Somers Track via Woolshed Creek Hut and Pinnacles Hut. While initial conditions could have dampened the teams spirits (it was very cold and wet!) they powered through to witness a summer rarity on approach to Pinnacles Hut, waterfalls all over the place! It had rained steadily the night before which allowed for this stunning display. A stunning sunrise the next day on the rocky pinnacles was a great reward for sticking out the weather. Later in the week, the team was joined by Tim and Bianca for the slog up to Mt Somers Summit to enjoy the expansive views all the way to Aoraki/Mt Cook! The footage gained during the week should cover the variety of options around Mt Somers to appeal to every level of tramper. It really is a pick your own adventure kind of destination! 
Marli and Beckie Filming | Mt Somers

Trip 4: The Alpine Route, Mt Richmond Forest Park | 25th January 2021
To kick off 2021, the team tackled what is known as one of the hardest sections of the Te Araroa Trail, the Alpine Route in Mt Richmond Forest Park. On the first night, the team watched on from Slaty Peak as the sky put on a beautiful sunset performance. Tom, Jared, Bevan and Reuben then battled the heat and sun over the following two days which saw them scramble their way along the long ridgeline with summits of Old Man, Little Rintoul and Mt Rintoul. Finally, the trip was rounded out with a push over Purple Top before wandering through the misty beech forests while up in the clouds. The weather cleared upon arrival at Tarn Hut, a beautiful setting to finish the trip before flying out to Nelson. The team met many Te Araroa walkers while filming who were all in great spirits and were thoroughly enjoying the route. It was great to see so many of them well prepared for their section and it was a pleasure to hear their stories of dealing with adversity on their journeys.
Alpine Route Mt Richmond

Trip 3: Southern Crossing, Tararua Ranges | 14th December 2020

This filming was originally scheduled for mid-November, but very high winds meant an extended delay. Finally, Tom, Jared, Adam, Anne, and Katherine made it in to have an outstanding two days of filming on the tops. Ironically, the weather was a bit too good! Work will continue to gather poor weather footage to showcase the extreme conditions that are often experienced on the track. Highlights of the trip included one of the best (and longest) sunsets any of the group had seen in a long time, with views over to the Kaikoura ranges, as well as watching the International Space Station flyover. 

 Tararua Southern Crossing

Trip 2: Welcome Flat Hut, Copland Valley | 8th December 2020

Nathan, Tom, Jared and Passang snuck into Douglas Rock Hut during a morning weather window before venturing through the cloud and rain to reach Welcome Flat Hut. The remnants of the storms in late 2019 are still very apparent on this section of the track, a reminder of the dynamic nature of this part of the country. The following day the team cruised back to the valley entrance in surprisingly fine weather! Highlights of the trip were the moody mountain vistas, massive swing bridges, and a lovely soak in the natural hot springs at Welcome Flat Hut. 

Copland Valley

Trip 1: Kauaeranga Kauri Trail (Pinnacles), Coromandel | 26th November 2020

Our CEO Mike, his family, Tom, Julie, and Jared were delayed due to poor conditions but eventually made it up to Coromandel! This trip took them into Coromandel Forest Park and up to the largest of NZ's huts, Pinnacles Hut. Gusty winds made for tricky filming but there were some stunning moments, particularly on the Pinnacles summit track. A sun-baked saunter down the Billy Goat trip rounded out the trip well. Highlights included a first hut experience for Mike's children, the hands-on climb to the Pinnacles Summit, and some cool remnants of the logging history in the area.

Kauaeranga Kauri Trail (Pinnacles Walk)


Disclaimer: All of our filming and use of drones was permitted by the Department of Conservation. The use of drones in National Parks is prohibited without DOC's permission, please see their website for details.