Outdoor Safety Code

The first thing to remember is that every trip needs a plan, even a short day walk. It doesn't take much to turn a short walk into an 'unexpected night out' in the bush.

We've broken down the trip planning process into five key steps which make up the Outdoor Safety Code. This code applies to all outdoor activities regardless of the level of intensity. Each of these steps can help you to be prepared for what you might encounter in the outdoors. Following the code also helps emergency services find you if something goes wrong.

Safety is the outcome of good planning and good decision making
– Mike Daisley, CEO
OSC - Plan your Trip

Plan Your Trip

Seek local knowledge, plan the route you will take and the amount of time you can reasonably expect it to take.Whether it is a bushwalk, a multi-day tramp or a specialised outdoor activity, the planning of an outdoor excursion in New Zealand’s backcountry is essential for you to have a... Read more

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Tell Someone Your Plans

In New Zealand, it’s expected you’ll tell someone what you’re doing and where you’re going before you go. We call it ‘leaving intentions.’Because many outdoor locations are remote and have no mobile phone coverage, often with very few people around, if something does go wrong the only way our emergency... Read more

OSC - Be Aware of the weather

Be Aware Of The Weather

New Zealand’s changeable weather conditions frequently catch out the unprepared. It's imperative that you check the forecast as well as any weather watches and warnings for your region. Always check the mountain and rural forecasts for the region you're going as they can be quite different than an urban forecast... Read more

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Know Your Limits

Challenge yourself within your physical limits and experience.New Zealand has lots of different types of tracks – from high quality easy paths with clear track markers to very challenging routes with no track or markings. Before you go, make sure you’ve selected a walk/hike that’s suitable for you and your group. Read more

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Take Sufficient Supplies

Make sure you have enough food, equipment and emergency rations for the worst-case scenario. Take an appropriate means of communication.If you ask any New Zealand adventurer they’ll tell you what should be in your pack, here’s a simple list of things we recommend you take. Read more