Know Your Limits

Know your limitsChallenge yourself within your physical limits and experience.

New Zealand has lots of different types of tracks – from high quality easy paths with clear track markers to very challenging routes with no track or markings. Before you go, make sure you’ve selected a walk/hike that’s suitable for you and your group. If you’re not sure about this then ask a local, check in at the local Department of Conservation office (they know lots about the local area) or ask someone either at your accommodation or at a shop in town before you go. Kiwis love to help out so they’ll share their knowledge with you. There’s lots of information about trips on the DOC website.


Choose the right adventure

New Zealand uses a national system to identify the difficulty level of a track, there are six different levels. Remember, the weather has a huge influence on how challenging your trip might be. Even an easy, well-graded track can be difficult in extreme weather.

Find the right level of track on the Department of Conservation's website here.

The terrain in New Zealand varies a lot. In a short distance you can walk/hike along flat tracks and then find yourself climbing steep hills. Before you start make sure you know what’s ahead of you and consider whether your fitness is suited to the challenge. In most parts of NZ you can find multiple trip options, so pick something that’s suited to you and your group.

Helpful hint:

When planning a group activity ensure it's at everyone's skill level, and that you've got the right equipment for the journey.  


Taking a rest in the mountains - Richard W

Read more about your desired activity

Whether you walk, run, hunt or climb – we have specific information you need for your favourite activity based on the Outdoor Safety Code.

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Take Sufficient Supplies 


What is #MakeItHomeNZ?

MSC encourages exploration and adventure in the incredible wilderness regions of New Zealand. We encourage you to participate, get out there and see what all the fuss is about. New Zealand is on the bucket list of so many people around the world for good reason.
We also encourage safe practices that ensure you make it home to your family and friends. We want you to make it home with adventurous stories, memories and photos. But, most of all we want you to make it home to do it all again next time. That's why on every advertisement, press release, video and resource we reaffirm our intent to help the 1.2 Million+ participants in outdoor recreation to make it home. You can help us spread this philosophy by sharing our resources and following the outdoor safety code so you make it home.
– Mike Daisley, CEO