Tell Someone Your Plans

Tell Someone Your PlansTell someone your plans and leave a date for when to raise the alarm if you haven’t returned.

In New Zealand, it’s expected you’ll tell someone what you’re doing and where you’re going, before you go. We call it ‘leaving intentions’, and it’s part of our outdoor culture.

Because many outdoor locations are remote and have no mobile phone coverage, often with very few people around, if something does go wrong the only way our emergency services can help you is if they know you haven’t returned. Tell a trusted family member or friend. If you’re visiting from overseas and your trusted contacts are back home you can still tell them of your plans.



Common Methods For 'Telling Someone Your Plans'

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Tell your family and friends back home where you're going before you go walking/hiking. Also you must let them know once you’re back out (that’s really important!)


Good = Text / Call / IM / Social Media Post / Note - Before you leave, no matter how far you're going, make sure you either Text / Call / IM / Social Media Post / Leave a note. This is recommended for even the shortest of day walks. However, doing this alone can miss a lot of important information and make finding you tricky, but at least you've narrowed the search area down. 

Better = Text / Call / IM / Social Media Post / Note + Outdoor Intentions Form - If you're heading out for more than a few hours fill in the form online and send to a trusted contact. It'll step you through what information to leave. If you follow these steps should something go wrong help will be alerted at a certain point regardless of whether you're able to alert anyone yourself. Find out more here 

Best = Text / Call / IM / Social Media Post / Note + Outdoor Intentions Form + PLB - Following these steps will ensure that someone knows your plans, has all the information to hand if something goes wrong and you have an ability to call for help. 

Online 'outdoor intentions' form

Tell Someone Your Plans

Fill in your intentions form online and 'tell someone your plans' for your next trip. 

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Tell someone your plans

Read more about your desired activity

Whether you walk, run, hunt or climb – we have specific information you need for your favourite activity based on the Outdoor Safety Code.


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What is #MakeItHomeNZ?

MSC encourages exploration and adventure in the incredible wilderness regions of New Zealand. We encourage you to participate, get out there and see what all the fuss is about. New Zealand is on the bucket list of so many people around the world for good reason.
We also encourage safe practices that ensure you make it home to your family and friends. We want you to make it home with adventurous stories, memories and photos. But, most of all we want you to make it home to do it all again next time. That's why on every advertisement, press release, video and resource we reaffirm our intent to help the 1.2 Million+ participants in outdoor recreation to make it home. You can help us spread this philosophy by sharing our resources and following the outdoor safety code so you make it home.
– Mike Daisley, CEO